Requirements for the Enzyme Assay Scientist Award

There are four requirements for participation in the Enzyme Assay Scientist Award.


Students or post-docs who have developed a novel and highly accurate activity assay for screening of one of the following enzyme classes: amylases, cellulases, lipases, phytases, proteases, oxidoreductases or glycosyltransferases.

The assay should have been published within last 24 months. Still unpublished work together with details on where it is intended to be published can also be submitted. In case of unpublished work, the content will be kept confidential by Novozymes, meaning that the author retains publication rights.
3.​ The assay has to be novel (i.e. cannot have been published previously by someone else), or it must be applied in a novel context.​

Ideally, the assay should have high-throughput potential and correlate to a real-world enzyme application, e.g. application within the fields of detergents, biofuel, food ingredients, feed, baking, paper, etc.