Images of production

Download images from Novozymes' production facilities.

Novozymes' production consists of three main steps: fermentation, recovery (shown here), and granulation
Two production workers leaning over a big bag in a warehouse in Franklinton, North Carolina, USA​
Novozymes' enzyme production in Kalundborg, Denmark. Bioreactors transform waste streams into NovoGro® 30, which is used as fertilizer by nearby farms
Bioreactors in Kalundborg, Denmark
Novozymes' enzyme production facility in Kalundborg, Denmark, employs more than 600 people
Laoding a biofuel enzyme product at Novozymes in Franklinton, North Carolina, USA
Standardization tanks at Novozymes, Franklinton, North Carolina, USA
Novozymes' fermentation facility in Kalundborg, Denmark. Enzymes are produced by fermentation of microorganisms
Production workers getting ready to ship product in jerry cans. Bagsvaerd, Denmark
Production worker filling drum with enzymes. Bagsvaerd, Denmark
Big bags of enzymes in warehouse. Bagsvaerd, Denmark
Production worker in Bagsvaerd, Denmark handling big bag of enzymes
Enzyme fermentation at Novozymes' pilot plant, in Bagsværd, Denmark