Submission and deadline for the Enzyme Assay Scientist Award

Find out what you need to submit and what the deadline is for participating.

The following document must to be submitted by the candidates:

  • 1-page assay description, including graphical visualization (schematic, picture, or graph). The description must contain fewer than 300 words, and should clearly convey the conceptual advance and novelty of the work. The graphical visualization of the assay should allow the reader to quickly gain an understanding of the assay.
  • 1-page Curriculum Vitae, listing contact information, academic qualifications and experience of the candidate.
  • Contact details of the principal supervisor of the work.

All information must be combined in one PDF file and the application must be in English.

The PDF file should be named with the enzyme class and the principle/technology the assay is based on (e.g. lipases_absorbance or proteases_mass spectrometry). To describe the enzyme class you should use amylases, cellulases, lipases, phytases, proteases, oxidoreductases, glycosyltransferases or mixture (if the assay is applicable to multiple classes). Please use the above spelling, since the applications will be divided by classes.

See an example of a "correct" document..

Deadline for the application

  • The Enzyme Assay Scientist Award application must be submitted by email between the 1st of January and the 1st of May of the award year. Next application deadline is on 1 May, 2016.
  • Applications should be sent to
  • The subject of the email should be identical to the attached file name