Biosolutions – Giving you industrial efficiency and product improvements with cost savings

Novozymes’ biosolutions increase industrial efficiency across the world and provide cost savings for our customers.

Our industrial enzymes, microorganisms, biopolymers and other proteins allow you to achieve more efficient use of your raw materials, reduce your energy consumption, replace traditional chemicals with more sustainable alternatives, and offer higher-quality products to your customers.

Could biosolutions be the key?

We already offer biosolutions within a wide range of industries. However, if we are currently not serving your industry, please contact us to find out if biosolutions could be the key to your challenges – whether it be achieving better raw material or energy efficiency, delivering higher-quality products to your customers, or meeting legislative or sustainability targets and requirements.

Biosolutions for industrial efficiency

We currently offer biosolutions for agriculture, bioenergy, biopharma, food and beverages, household care, leather, pulp and paper, textiles, and wastewater solutions. Here are a few examples:

  • Within household care Novozymes offers you unique possibilities for creating high-value products that put considerably less strain on the environment within laundry, dishwashing, general household care, and institutional cleaning.

  • Our cost-effective biosolutions within food and beverages help you increase your industrial efficiency by optimizing food production in everything from bread to beer, and by saving time and money while reducing your impact on the environment.

  • Novozymes provides bioenergy customers with advanced biosolutions that set new standards for performance and viability to produce starch-based and cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel, and biogas.

  • Our biosolutions also help agriculture move toward more sustainable farming. By using our enzymatic pesticides and microbial yield and fertility enhancers, farmers can enjoy healthier crops and higher yields, improve animal nutrition, and maintain healthy water conditions in aquaculture systems.

  • Pharma enzymes offer benefits such as cost savings and improved productivity and quality.

  • Within the pulp and paper industry enzymes help you to increase your industrial efficiency by improving the quality, performance, and appearance of your products, reducing environmental impacts, and ensuring cost savings.  

  • In the textile industry our biosolutions can also make a big difference. Based on our enzyme innovation you can achieve not only greener production methods but also more economically efficient and effective alternatives to traditional processes.

  • Novozymes’ advanced microbial solutions for biological wastewater treatment help you run efficient, cost-effective, and simplified operations.

Giving you a competitive edge

We work closely with our partners to gain a strong understanding of your markets and priorities so that together we can anticipate your needs for the future and develop solutions to give you a competitive edge while increasing your industrial efficiency. Novozymes has delivered all the major innovations within industrial enzymes for the last 40 years, and with our best-in-class customer service based on technical expertise we work closely with you to implement our biosolutions. We take pride in the results that our biosolutions deliver, maintaining on-time delivery and reliable, consistently high quality so that you can focus on your customers’ needs.