Animal nutrition

Enzymes for animal nutrition help improve digestion processes and make the most of the feed while keeping feed costs low.

Feed enzymes from Novozymes are now a well-proven and successful tool that allows feed producers to extend the range of raw materials used in feed and to improve the efficiency of existing formulations. By adding enzymes to feed, the animal grows faster and enjoys better health. Production becomes more uniform, and a higher feed conversion ratio and larger yield are achieved.

Swine and poultry are the most interesting types of animals when it comes to adding enzymes to feed because their digestive systems do not produce enzymes capable of breaking down plant cell walls. The digestive tract has to break down the feed into a form that the animals can absorb and utilize. This way, the nutritional value inherent in the feed becomes accessible to the animal. Adding enzymes from Novozymes helps improve this process so as to make the best possible use of the feed.

While enzymes ensure greater efficiency in the production of animal products, including meat and eggs, adding enzymes to feed also minimizes the environmental impact of animal production.​