Novozymes range of sustainable microbial solutions improves water quality, leading to reduced risk of disease and increased yields.


Whether in ponds, hatcheries or nurseries, water quality is a key factor in successful aquaculture. Unhealthy water conditions can negatively impact profits by increasing mortality rates and feed conversion ratios (FCRs).  Novozymes microbial solutions for intensive and extensive aquaculture use beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that – when introduced to the water - help to maintain healthy conditions in a natural and effective way. By limiting common environmental stressors such as the build-up of hydrogen sulfide, the growth of bacterial pathogens and unstable phytoplankton blooms that cause fluctuations of dissolved oxygen, Novozymes range of microbial solutions support improved growth, survival and disease resistance. This leads to increased yields and profits for farmers of species including shrimp, prawn, tilapia, and pangasius. 

PondDtox® - the only microbial safeguard against hydrogen sulfide build-up

Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic metabolite formed in aquaculture ponds. Continued exposure to high levels of hydrogen sulfide causes mortality in aquatic animals, and levels as low as 0.002 ppm have been shown to negatively affect aquatic life. Common signs of hydrogen sulfide problems include patches of black bottom sludge, reduced feeding and increased mortality. PondDtox®, which contains a mixture of Bacillus spp and the beneficial bacteria Paracoccus spp, is the only microbial solution that can both prevent and remedy the build-up of  hydrogen sulfide. PondDtox® oxidizes the hydrogen sulfide into harmless compounds, reducing mortality and improving growth and yield.

PondPlus® - for stable phytoplankton bloom and enhanced yield

PondPlus® is a blend of microorganisms that maintains water quality during the crop cycle, degrades organic bottom wastes, and effectively controls the phytoplankton bloom. A propriety strain in the blend ensures a stable bloom throughout the crop cycle, while other unique strains have been selected for their ability to work at low oxygen levels. These unique bacterial strains improve water conditions by digesting bottom sludge and excess feed. By supporting an optimal, stress-free environment, PondPlus® promotes higher survival and feeding rates, lower disease rates and FCRs, and – ultimately - enhanced yields.