Crop production

Microbial solutions can increase crop yields while contributing to more sustainable agricultural practices.

Microbial solutions derived from naturally-occurring microbes such as bacteria and fungi can replace or complement traditional fertilizers and pest control solutions. Novozymes microbial biocontrol solutions provide powerful control against insects, disease, and weed pests, while our bioyield enhancers improve yields.  


Our biocontrol solutions include Met52 EC and Met52/BIO1020 granular, which are biological insecticides used for control of ticks, whiteflies and black vine weevil, among other pests. The products contain spores of Metarhizium anisopliae, a naturally-occurring fungus that leaves no chemical residue, has little potential for resistance, and can be used with traditional insecticides. The products are easy to use and can be applied on a variety of crop types. See detailed information and product labels.

The BioAg Alliance 

Novozymes and Monsanto have established the BioAg Alliance to jointly discover, develop and sell microbial solutions that can increase crop yields with less input. To this partnership, Novozymes brings an established product portfolio and strengths within microbial discovery, application development and fermentation, while Monsanto brings highly-developed seeds and traits discovery, field-testing and an extensive commercial network. The resulting Alliance is a comprehensive research, development and commercial collaboration that benefits agriculture, consumers, the environment and society at large. The Alliance is currently researching the next generation of microbial solutions to enhance its current product portfolio. This portfolio includes JumpStart® and QuickRoots® - inoculants that help plants take up nutrients – and the biocontrol product Actinovate®, which protects plants against pests, disease and weeds.

Partnering to increase yields with less input