The freedom to choose

The freedom to choose a wide variety of feedstocks, reduce utility costs, and increase the safety and sustainability of biodiesel production

Novozymes now offers a new technology, a simple enzymatic process to convert both glycerides and free fatty acids (FFA) into biodiesel. This lets you optimize feedstock purchases without limitations imposed by the FFA content, resulting in lower raw material costs and higher yields. The glycerin by-product is pure compared to the glycerin from chemical biodiesel.

Making the change from a chemical catalyst to the Novozymes enzymatic process allows you to optimize your total process economy, increase return on investment, and create safer, more sustainable operations for both personnel and the environment.

In addition, this new enzymatic process:

  • reduces utility costs because it runs at lower temperature and requires less methanol
  • eliminates the need for sodium methoxide, one of the most hazardous chemicals in traditional biodiesel plants
  • allows conversion of FFA without the use of sulfuric acid
  • does not use high pressure or high temperature

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Enzymatic biodiesel has been considered a promising alternative for the past 10-15 years in the scientific community.

This introduction is intended for potential customers and interested academics. The purpose is to give a high-level technical understanding of enzymatic transesterification and its benefits.

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