From starch to dextrins – the unsurpassed performance of our liquefaction enzymes and our unmatched industry expertise combine to optimize the front-end processes of ethanol production.


During liquefaction alpha-amylases are needed to reduce dextrin chain length and mash viscosity prior to saccharification and fermentation with yeast. Novozymes Avantec® Amp, Avantec® and our new Liquozyme® LpH liquefy and prepare the corn for optimal fermentation, resulting in higher yields and reduced operating costs.

With customized product strengths to meet your plant’s specific needs, our enzymes allow you to power up your liquefaction with these benefits:

• Much greater ethanol yield and throughput
• Rapid viscosity reduction
• Decreased energy consumption
• More robust, uniform fermentations with highly efficient starch conversion
• Decreased chemical inputs and greatly simplified operations

Novozymes offers much more than just the best enzymes in the industry. We support your business with:

• Dedicated and knowledgeable technical support teams:
• Customized training programs:
• Reliable customer service and delivery


Download an overview of our product range for starch-based ethanol.