Reap the rewards of a breakthrough liquefaction technology

With Avantec® we're rewriting the rules of the ethanol production process, of the value of corn, of the fuel ethanol industry. It's a game changer. It's a revolution. Join us.

Avantec® revolutionizes liquefaction by making more starch available for fermentation and increasing yields by 2%.

More yield, less energy

By providing unsurpassed mash viscosity reduction at a pH as low as 4.8, Avantec® enables multiple process efficiencies and trouble-free plant operations. Your plant could achieve 2% more ethanol yield, 2% natural gas reduction, and gain a sharp edge over your competition.

Robust, risk-free investment

Compared to capital investments, Avantec® comes with no risk. Through our cost-neutral trial program, you can determine the exact value for your plant before committing to invest. And Avantec® offers significant immediate payback, helping you maximize the earning potential of your corn – fast.​