Amp up your liquefaction and fermentation with Avantec® Amp

Highest possible ethanol yields and throughput, better than any competitive enzymes, while eliminating the cost and handling of protease and thousands of bags of urea per year.

Avantec® Amp is Novozymes’ advanced liquefaction solution that offers the highest possible ethanol yield and throughput, increases oil yield, significantly reduces chemical costs and simplifies your operations.

Avantec® Amp’s unique formulation outperforms all competitive enzymes in boosting ethanol yield and corn oil.

Avantec® Amp provides excellent viscosity reduction in cook at low pH conditions, enabling the potential for increased throughput and giving your plant the flexibility to run at higher solids or higher run rates.

Avantec® Amp reduces the amount of urea and ammonia added to fermentation by 70% to 90% by weight, and eliminates the need for protease added to fermentation, thus simplifying the production process. Reducing urea by 80% means thousands of fewer bags to be handled by plant operators, as well as cost savings.

Avantec® Amp provides robust starch conversion while enhancing yeast health with a consistent and preferred nitrogen source of amino acids and peptides, achieving lower glycerol profiles. This results in highly consistent fermentations.


  • Outperforms all competitive products in boosting ethanol yield and corn oil
  • Excellent viscosity reduction, enabling increased throughput
  • Significantly reduces urea and ammonia to fermentation – 70% to 90% less by weight – resulting in lower costs, less need for storage and handling, greater safety, reduced risk of errors
  • Total removal of stand-alone protease
  • Up to 15% increased corn oil yield, even for plants currently using a protease
  • Improved yeast health – more consistent fermentations
  • Can be used across a broad pH range in coo