Liquozyme® LpH

Superior viscosity reduction at low pH


Smooth operations, an economical enzyme choice you can trust
Liquozyme® LpH delivers superior low pH tolerance, maintaining performance under fluctuating conditions. You gain peace of mind with an industry-proven, robust performance to insure against pH excursions. Its formulation and performance offer an economical enzyme choice you can trust.

Ammonia reduction
Liquozyme® LpH enables reduction or elimination of ammonia, simplifying operations and reducing risk to your plant.

Greater ethanol throughput and yield
Liquozyme® LpH provides more efficient starch conversion that leads to increased ethanol production. At the same time, Liquozyme® LpH delivers an optimal dextrin profile that also promotes higher ethanol yields. And rapid, sustained viscosity reduction enables you to run higher solids and improve plant throughput.