Liquozyme® SC

More viscosity-reducing power from the industry standard in liquefaction

The patented technology in Liquozyme provides unmatched viscosity reduction and ethanol yields. Liquozyme SC combines all of the benefits of Liquozyme SC DS in a superconcentrated formulation. With Liquozyme SC you get more viscosity-reducing power for your plant.

Smooth operations

Liquozyme delivers superior thermostability and pH tolerance, which maintains performance under fluctuating conditions. No additional calcium is needed to improve enzyme stability and performance. This results in reduced scaling in heat exchangers and collers.

The super concentrated formulation reduces deliveries and minimizes handling costs. And energy consumption by dryers is decreased due to lower residual starch levels.

Greater ethanol throughput and yield

Liquozyme provides more efficient starch conversion that leads to increased ethanol production. At the same time, Liquozyme delivers an optimal dextrin profile that also promotes higher ethanol yields. And rapid, sustained viscosity reduction enables you to run higher solids and improve plant throughput.