Spirizyme® Excel Plus

A premium concentrated glucoamylase

Starch can’t hide from Spirizyme® Excel Plus, Novozymes’ most concentrated saccharification solution. Multiple enzyme activities convert the most difficult starch fractions, making it the most advanced and robust saccharification enzyme on the market.

Spirizyme Excel Plus is designed to handle variable mash conditions and production processes and allow you to get the most from your corn – while using and storing even less enzyme product.

Highest ethanol yields
Achieving a very high starch conversion rate, Spirizyme Excel Plus helps you consistently maximize fermentation yields across variable mash characteristics and plant conditions.

Designed for dry-grind ethanol production
Spirizyme® Excel Plus has been designed and rigorously testing across a broad array of substrates, process designs and plant parameters at over 40 dry-grind ethanol plants.

Improved back-end performance
Spirizyme® Excel Plus also delivers lower syrup viscosity, lower residual starch levels in distillers grain, and lower centrate solids and total suspended solids (TSS).