Novozymes Olexa® - Release more

Olexa® is the first enzyme uniquely designed for oil recovery. Olexa® releases 15% more oil for extraction, increases ethanol yield by 2%, and reduces use of natural gas by 2%. It goes deep to break through the oil-binding protein layer of oleosomes to release more oil for extraction.

Realize serious energy savings
As more oil and ethanol are produced, the amount of natural gas needed to dry wet distillers grains can be reduced. In our industry-scale Olexa® trials, our customers saw on average 2% energy savings.

Robust, low-risk investment
Compared to capital investments, Olexa® comes with very little risk. Through our low-risk trial program, you can determine the exact value for your plant before committing to invest. And Olexa® offers significant immediate payback, helping you maximize the earning potential of your corn – fast.