Food & Beverage – A recipe for progress

Today’s food and beverage manufacturers face an increasing number of demands. To produce more healthy and tasty foods, to make them at competitive costs, to meet high ethical standards. Novozymes offers attractive possibilities to support these trends.

By maximizing their resources and continuously enhancing the quality of their products, food and beverage manufacturers are improving the choices enjoyed by consumers, producers, and societies around the globe. Enzymes play an essential role in bringing more nutritious and appealing food and beverage products to the modern world, and they offer significant benefits beyond the scope of traditional alternatives.
Adding true value
Novozymes helps customers to develop products that truly stand out. By following critical food and beverage industry trends, we ensure that our enzymes are relevant, helping customers to meet market demands. Our visionary R&D team ensures that we are first to market with creative and cost-effective solutions, enabling customers to develop superior products that boast unique features and quality claims. At the same time, we help customers make the most of their resources and optimize their processes, saving time and money while reducing their impact on the environment.
Quality you can trustNovozymes Quality Icon
Novozymes is dedicated to securing quality products. From the time a new idea is born to when it’s an integrated part of your process, we continue to monitor our products. We provide safe production strains, and assessed and approved raw materials – under strict, controlled processes that have full traceability. All to ensure safe, stable solutions that add value for you. 

As the leading provider of enzymes for the food and beverage industry, Novozymes is your expert when it comes to monitoring, understanding and complying with local and global food legislation. On top of that, we pursue key international food safety and quality certifications, so you and your customers can feel confident.
Providing better choices
By giving our customers the tools they need to develop superior products with unique features and quality claims, Novozymes helps provide our customers – and society – with a greater range of appealing food and beverage products as well as more sustainable methods for producing them.