Dough improvement

In industrial baking, robust, stable dough leads to high-quality baked goods.


Key benefits of our solutions

  • Improve dough stability and machinability 
  • Increase loaf volume
  • Enhance crumb structure and bloom


A cost effective solution that improves dough stability and is tolerant toward variations in flour quality.

Gluzyme® Mono 10.000 BG
Bread improvers save money by using this cost-efficient glucose oxidase to strengthen gluten and reduce ingredients like vital wheat gluten and ascorbic acid. Download benefit sheet.

A new generation of xylanase that gives you superior bread volume, appearance and texture. It enables robust performance at very low dosages across flour types, without compromising on quality. Download benefit sheet.

Effectively enhances dough properties such as extensibility and stability. This type of xylanase offers synergistic effects when combined with fungal alpha-amylases.