Novamyl® FB

Enhanced, extended softness for Roti, Naan and other flat breads

Ensures enhanced, extended softness for Roti, Naan and other flat breads.

In Tandoor Roti and Naan the hardness & elasticity increases thereby reducing the softness over time. To address this quality gap Novozymes offers the first ever bio-innovative enzymatic solution in Novamyl FB.

Customer feedback shows two major concerns

Based on survey conducted by Novozymes on consumer feedback in restaurants & catered food on flat breads, 80% of restaurant respondents reported being “elastic and chewy” and while 70% reported “hard to tear” as main concerns with Naan and Roti.
In catering, 75% of customers reported Naan being “elastic and chewy” when served and around 65% of them complained “hard to tear” as a problem. Feedback from both restaurants and caterers showed up to 10% of wastage in Naan and Roti due to deterioration in quality.

Key benefits

  • Improves softness of flat breads significantly when consumed fresh or after few hours 
  • Exhibits improved softness under frozen conditions