Product appearance

For bigger, better-looking baked goods.

Novozymes’ solutions can help improve the physical appearance of the final baked product, including crust color and crispiness.

Biscuits, crackers, wafers, and cookies require a low-protein, soft-wheat flour that makes it possible to shape and imprint the product accurately. If the gluten is too strong, the biscuit and cracker dough becomes difficult to handle. Gluten weakening enzymatic solutions effectively soften the gluten, ensuring good dough characteristics for high-quality, consistent biscuits and crackers.

Key benefits

  • Enhance crust color and increase volume
  • Achieve a shorter baking time
  • Reduce crust separation and moisture loss in frozen pre- or par-baked product



Reduces baking time and provide desired crust color and crispiness of bread.


Enhances crust color, increases volume, reduces baking time and boosts yeast.


The sustainable solution that efficiently weakens gluten to secure good dough characteristics which results in high-quality, uniform biscuits and crackers that are easy to pack. 
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