Brewing with enzymes

Novozymes' brewing solutions combine profitability, quality and sustainability. They reduce costs, optimize production processes and achieve consistently high beer quality.



Consistent brewing quality

We ensure the consistent quality of your brands by producing the majority of our brewing enzymes in compliance with BrewQ specifications. This means that they are additionally analyzed according to Analytica-Microbiologica-EBC 2005 Section 4.6.1.


We are assessing and approving suppliers, and our systems ensure traceability of our products from supplier to you. Our long tradition of working actively with health and safety issues ensures that our products are safe to use – and safe to handle. We use safe production strains and development programs, including the toxicological testing of our enzymes which minimize any risk.


Our global business is covered by ISO 9001, and we hold the ISO 22000, FSSC and AIB certifications for plants producing a wide range of food and beverage enzymes, including internationally recognized kosher and halal compliant products. Our solutions are approved by all relevant authorities and international committees.