Attenuation control and light beer production

Novozymes offers a broad range of attenuation control products to allow brewers to create highly attenuated beers, or to control attenuation fluctuation due to raw material deficiencies, in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Producing this type of beer requires an increase in the degree of attenuation of the wort, thus decreasing the proportion of non-fermentable and short-chain dextrin material. The result is a highly attenuated beer. A beer made this way will have 25-30% fewer calories than a normally attenuated beer, assuming the same alcohol content in both beers.
The ability of brewers to achieve predictable and targeted attenuation specifications can be hampered by variability in raw material quality and inherent variability in the mashing process. Furthermore, where non-traditional raw materials are used as adjuncts, you may need to add exogenous saccharifying enzymes to achieve a sufficiently high degree of attenuation for proper fermentation.
Key benefits
  • Consistent attenuation control regardless of raw material variability or process fluctuations
  • Produces highly-attenuated worts for light and low-calorie beer production
  • Potential for shorter mashing times and lower enzyme dosage

Recommended products

Attenuzyme® Pro
Attenuzyme® Core
AMG® 300 L BrewQ
Fungamyl® BrewQ