Let’s pour more satisfaction into your beer

Your customers appreciate the beer you make, but how can we make that beer more satisfying for you?

Novozymes solutions for raw material optimization enable flexible and more cost-efficient raw material use while maintaining consistent quality and safety. Our solutions help make your beer more satisfying for you as they benefit not only your brewing process, but also your sourcing and your bottom line.
More satisfaction for your brewing process, your sourcing and your bottom line
  • Get the same great beer at less cost
  • Save on your raw material use by boosting extract yield
  • Become more adaptable to supply fluctuations and choice of raw materials, while keeping your process and your beer consistent
  • Improve your bottom line by switching to alternative raw materials
  • Strengthen your triple bottom line by sourcing locally
  • Meet consumer wishes for new flavours by creating exciting new recipes using a variety of raw materials
Boost yield
New product development
Switch raw materials
Maintain consistency despite fluctuating supply
Find your raw material potential with our Brewing Calculator.

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