Solutions for lactose-free dairy products

Improve your production and the quality of your lactose-free dairy products


The lactose-free dairy product category is estimated to grow 6-8% per year in coming years, and has been growing since 2012 at a rate three times faster than sales of general dairy products. 

The number of consumers who are interested in lactose-free milk or believe they are lactose-intolerant is far greater than the number of people who are really lactose-intolerant. This drives strong growth in the category and provides an excellent opportunity for dairy companies to launch new, higher-margin lactose-free products.
Novozymes’ lactase enzymes are used to break down lactose into glucose and galactose. Novozymes’ enzymes are highly pure; they support efficient production of a wide array of products with different process requirements, including milk, yogurt and ice cream.

Novozymes’ lactases can be used to strengthen brands with attractive label claims like “lactose-free” or “less added sugar”, which are appreciated by health-conscious consumers.

Key benefits

  • Production of lactose-free dairy products across product categories
  • Better control of lactose elimination
  • Clean taste – less likelihood for generation of off-flavors
  • Best solution for lactose-free fermented dairy products
  • Optimal sweetness control in lactose-free products with added sugar

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