Novozymes Saphera®

The next generation of lactase


Novozymes Saphera® is the only lactase on the market that achieves

  • Better control of lactose elimination
  • Better sweetness stability during product shelf life of sweetened lactose-free dairy products
  • Improved suitability in fermented dairy products

Dairy producers gain improved production control and the versatility to create high-quality lactose-free products with this innovative lactase. 

Originated from Bifidobacterium bifidum, Saphera® has many advantages:
  • Better control of lactose elimination – With Saphera®, the desired lactose level can be more precisely measured and easily reached.
  • Sweetness enhancement – Due to the formation of galactose and glucose, Saphera® enables dairy producers to reduce the amount of added sugars and still achieve the same degree of sweetness in lactose-free dairy products. This offers the opportunity for cleaner, more attractive product labels.
  • Sweetness stability in sugared dairy products – With Saphera®, producers are able to maintain a stable level of sweetness and taste during the shelf life of sugared dairy products. This is due to the absence of invertase side activity.
  • Improved suitability in fermented dairy products – Saphera® is uniquely well suited for yogurt production, better than conventional yeast-based lactases. This is due to Saphera®’s pH and temperature profile, and the absence of invertase and amylase side activities.
  • Clean taste – Saphera® is exceptionally pure. This purity reduces the risk of off-flavors during shelf life and provides a pure, clean and consistent natural milk flavor, particularly useful in dairy products with a long shelf life.

Broad application – Saphera® is applicable for a broad range of dairy products including fresh, ESL and UHT milk, milk drinks, cream, ice cream, fermented dairy products and dulce de leche.