Flavor enhancement

The tasty business


The hydrolysis of both vegetable and yeast proteins with enzymes results in products such as peptides and amino acids that offer improved and enhanced taste to processed food products. This makes enzymes invaluable in the production of a wide variety of foods.  

Yeast extracts

Yeast extracts are used as flavoring agents in many products such as soups, gravies, snack foods, and meat products. Yeast extracts are rich in amino acids, nucleotides, peptides, vitamins, and flavor compounds. Use of exogenous enzymes offers advantages over traditional yeast extract production. 

Key benefits of our solutions

  • Increase yield and improve taste

  • Reduce production time, increasing production capacity

  • Improve product flavor

Enzymatic hydrolyzed vegetable proteins

Using the enzyme system during the production of vegetable hydrolysates results in better product flexibility. The base taste is mild and pure. The products can be produced with tailor-made Maillard reactions, low salt content and no undesirable chlorinated compounds.