Food specialties

Broadly benefiting food processing

Modern consumer desire many choices and products that are produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. Enzymes are cost-effective processing aids that improve food and beverage process efficiency and flexibility, increase nutritional value, reduce the need for additives and enable manufacturers to get more sustainable.


Egg yolk processing

Egg yolk is well known as an ingredient in food preparations, especially in the production of emulsions such as mayonnaise. The emulsification property of egg yolk can be improved using enzymes.

Key benefits of our solutions

  • Better heat stability
  • Improved emulsification properties


Extraction of GAGs

As the elderly remain actively for long, their joints need to remain in working order to propel them along with their active lifestyle. Two key components of joint targeted supplements are glycosaminoglycans, better known as GAGs.. Using enzymes during alkaline hydrolysis reduces some the environmental drawbacks associated with this method.  

Key benefits of our solutions

  • Produces cleaner gags
  • Reduces solid waste produced and the use of water for downstream processing 


Vegetable processing


When processing vegetables and fruit for use in yogurt, ice cream, toppings and fillings, up to 50% of the raw material is damaged. Enyzymes can help protect fruit and vegetables during processing.

Key benefits of our solutions

  • Less damage to fruit and vegetables, higher yield
  • Enhances visual appearance and texture


Pet food


Enzymes can be used to produce animal protein hydrolysates that are used  in flavor and digest products within the pet food industry. When animal proteins are hydrolyzed, the taste and flavor are improved. 

Key benefits of our solutions

• Enhances palatability
• Improve raw material utilization
• Ensure better process economy


Noodles and pasta


Enzymes help pasta and noodle manufacturers meet the growing demand for improved product quality and increased variety.

Key benefits of our solutions

  • Enhances appearance and texture
  • Increases overcooking tolerance