Abolishing transfatty acids with Lipozyme® TL IM

interesterification-Abolishing transfatty acids with Lipozyme® TL IM
The most common processes for obtaining the right consistency and melting points of margarine and baking fats are chemical interesterification and hydrogenation. Both processes require harsh processing, often resulting in high levels of waste products – and hydrogenation also generates trans-fatty acids. Enzymatic interesterification produces a more natural fat with the specific melting characteristics required, while preserving more of the valuable nutrients in the oil. Compared to chemical interesterification, it is a more costefficient and sustainable process – and it produces no transfatty acids.

Lipozyme TL IM is an immobilized lipase that interesterifies fat through a continuous process. It enables the production of high-quality margarine and shortenings with excellent melting properties that are trans-fat free. The resulting fats do not need to be washed or bleached following the process.

Key benefits
• Produces higher-quality fats
• Enables natural processing without the use of chemicals