Saccharification – sweetening the process with enzymes.

In a process known as saccharification, enzymes enable crops such as corn and wheat to be transformed into sugar syrup. The enzymes work by rearranging and 'cutting up' the starch molecules in these crops, turning them into sweeteners such as crystalline dextrose, crystalline fructose, or syrups. These can be used in a wide variety of foodstuffs, including soft drinks - such as colas - confectionery, meats, baked products, ice cream, candy and sauces.

Novozymes makes a number of enzymes for the starch and sugar industries, including Novozymes Extenda®, a unique glucoamylase blend for saccharification. By offering a range of options to take the cost of starch conversion lower than ever before, Extenda® allows producers to draw a better line to their plant’s sweet spot.


An unmatched glucoamylase blend that achieves value beyond saccharification

More DP1, less DP2 especially isomaltose than any other glucoamylase

Lower cost of conversion than ever before for ultra-high purity sweeteners


Extenda® - drawing a better line to your plant’s sweet spot
How will you take your cost of conversion lower than ever before?
Take a look at the options available with Extenda®.

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