Separation in grain milling

Separation: Smooth starch processing with enzymes

Starch separation, or extraction, is the first stage in the starch conversion process. The raw material is finely milled to facilitate the separation of starch from the oil, protein, and fibers. Enzymes aid the processing of the raw material by making the separation step easier. Improved separation also leads to increased yields.

Key benefits of our solutions include:

• Increase gluten yield by efficiently removing pentosans and starch
• Maximize capacity
• Improve starch purity by extracting a greater yield of high-value A-starch
• Use less process water and save energy due to lower evaporator costs



Novozymes Frontia® opens up a whole new frontier in the corn milling industry: Enzymatic corn separation. This new technology will help you get the most out of your corn and your corn mills. 


  • Cut your Net Corn Cost by 0.8% to achieve greater pricing power 
  • Boost your mill starch production 
  • Cut your co-product drying costs 
  • Cut the need for dewatering to achieve higher, steadier grind rates and lower fixed costs per unit of starch

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