Nurturing a greener industry

Saving resources and costs in the pulp and paper industry, while improving product quality, performance, and appearance.


It takes large amounts of water, energy and chemicals to produce pulp and paper. Novozymes’ solutions save resources and production costs while improving the quality, performance, and appearance of pulp and paper products.

Enzymes augment many processes at pulp and paper mills, which means savings on electricity, water, and chemicals. That leads to cost savings on resources and inputs, as well as reduced environmental impacts for the mills. 

Increasing demand for quality recycled products

Consumers are increasingly demanding recycled products. Compared to conventional production of recycled products, the use of enzymes is more eco-friendly and more profitable.

Novozymes’ enzymes for pulp and paper production enable using a larger share of recycled material with maintained product properties. Our solutions are helping customers getting a share of this growing market as well as achieve a green and sustainable production