Fiber modification

Drainage improvement and refining


Drainage improvement

Recycled paper does not always have to be low quality – at least not with enzymatic drainage improvement and value-added fiber modification.

The advancement of recovery, separation, and processing of recovered fiber has significantly improved the global recycling efforts. However, the increasing demand for recycled paper has also made supplies harder to come by, and paper mills are having to settle for lower-quality feedstocks. 

Novozymes’ solutions ensure higher-quality of the recycled furnishes. Their efficient working conditions improve drainage without affecting the strength and overall quality of the final product. Enzymes can also help to increase machine speed or reduce steam usage in the dryer section.


Papermakers can improve the overall efficiency of refining both virgin and secondary pulp, with enzymatic pretreatment.

Enzymatic fiber modification offers novel ways to improve quality parameters, fine-tune processes, and achieve value-adding product characteristics. Using the right enzyme, or combination of enzymes on pulp, papermakers can achieve improved runnability and paper- and boardmaking properties with similar or reduced refining energy.

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