Novozymes delivers innovation in dishwashing detergents by replacing phosphates with environmentally friendly, cost-effective enzymes.

Producers of dishwashing detergents are facing new consumer demands for effective and sustainable cleaning of all tableware. While consumers rate cleanness as the most important criterion for choosing a detergent, they also want biodegradable products and options for low-temperature dishwashing.

Enzyme-powered dishwashing detergents
Novozymes produces a key ingredient for meeting these demands. Our highly effective, environmentally friendly enzymatic solutions effectively remove difficult and dried-on soils from dishes and leave glassware sparkling – without negatively impacting the environment. They even work for low-temperature dishwashing.

• A higher degree of soil removal, leading to cleaner dishes
• No degradation of glassware, as enzymes clean well in mild conditions
• Readily biodegradable enzymes, enabling good cleaning performance in phosphate-free detergents