CIP Dairy (Cleaning In Place)

A sustainable way of meeting high cleaning standards and maintaining efficiency.


Enzymes make it easier to meet the high cleaning standards of the food and beverage industry, simply by efficiently breaking down food residues.

Our powerful protease targets whey residues in ultrafiltration membranes for your regular cleaning routine. Novozymes Agilex®, a combination of a protease and a lipase, can on top of that be used for cleaning other equipment such as storage tanks, heat exchangers and filter units.

These sustainable solutions outperform conventional cleaners and work readily under mild conditions.

Novozymes offers a full range of single-enzyme products that act on food residues in processing plants.


  • Improved, gentle membrane cleaning
  • Extended lifetime of membranes 
  • Reduced downtime and higher productivity
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products