Drains: microbial based drain line cleaning solutions

Beneficial microorganisms improve drain cleaners by enabling them to maintain free-flowing drain lines and reduce organics that can cause drain odor.

A clogged drain can stop kitchen operations – whether at a busy restaurant or at home. Fast-acting Novozymes drain cleaning solutions with patented beneficial microorganisms help clear clogged drains and drain pipes. By degrading organic drain buildup, these long-lasting natural microbial solutions also help maintain free-flowing drain lines and control odor.

• Quickly unclog drains and effectively remove congested kitchen sink drains
• Help maintain free-flowing drain lines and prevent drain blockages by degrading organic compounds found in kitchen drains
• Reduce the need for additional drain treatment and maintenance
• Long-lasting odor removal by breaking down odorous volatile fatty acids and odor-causing organic buildup
• Advanced, patented microbial technology for optimal drain cleaning performance and long-lasting results
• Sustainable, natural cleaning products