Drain Ease™ Protect – A biological solution for effective kitchen drain cleaning

A unique and effective drain cleaning solution for maintaining free-flowing kitchen drains.

Clogged and slow-running drains cause kitchen disruptions and lead to unpleasant cleanups and odors. Drain Ease™ Protect’s unique gel formula stays in the drain to remove the kitchen soil buildup that can lead to blockages. Patented beneficial microorganisms continuously degrade the organics found in kitchen drains to help maintain free-flowing drain lines and reduce drain cleaning maintenance. Drain Ease™ Protect offers long-lasting odor control by breaking down drain soil and molecules that can cause malodors.

Reduced drain maintenance
• Helps maintain free-flowing drain lines and prevent drain blockages by degrading organic compounds present in kitchen sink drains
• Reduces the need for additional drain cleaning, treatment, and maintenance
• Unique gel formula increases the treatment time in the drain, ensuring maximum efficacy and performance

Long-lasting odor control
• Provides long-lasting odor removal by breaking down odorous volatile fatty acids and odor-causing organic buildup
• Naturally based eucalyptus fragrance provides instant freshness

Sustainable cleaning
Adding beneficial microorganisms found in nature to your cleaning solutions enables you to offer innovative biodegradable cleaning products that reduce the environmental impact of cleaning.

Advanced microbial technology
• Patented microbial technology for optimal drain cleaning performance and long-lasting results