Deep Clean Kitchen – A biological cleaning solution for effective kitchen floor cleaning

A powerful, more sustainable alternative to conventional kitchen floor cleaning solutions.

Designed specifically for removing greasy soils, our patent-pending Deep Clean Kitchen formulation instantly cleans floors by removing surface soils, while patented beneficial microorganisms penetrate deep into pores to degrade embedded organic soils. Finally, a specially selected lipase enzyme helps break down the most resistant grease for faster emulsification and digestion. With continued use, Deep Clean Kitchen prevents future soil buildup, maintaining a floor that is truly deep-clean and odor free.

Effective, long-lasting cleaning and odor control
• Deep-cleans floors immediately by removing grease and grime that collect on the floor surface
• Enhances long-lasting cleaning effects by degrading residual organics long after cleaning is complete
• Helps provide in-depth odor control by breaking down odor-causing molecules and organics
• Eliminates the need for rinsing after mopping

Superior performance
• Independent laboratory confirms that Deep Clean Kitchen delivers superior performance compared to two leading cleaning solution brands
• Superior performance compared to leading chemical and microbial-based competitor products
• Added lipase improves grease biodegradation

Advanced cleaning technology
• Patented microbial technology and patent-pending formulation technology for optimal and long-lasting performance in floor cleaning

Sustainable cleaning
Adding beneficial microorganisms found in nature to your cleaning solutions enables you to offer innovative biodegradable cleaning products that reduce the environmental impact of cleaning.

• Certified within the NSF Nonfoods Compounds Registration Program