Deep Clean Multi Outdoor – A biological ingredient for enhanced cleaning performance

An effective alternative to conventional outdoor cleaning solutions.

​Deep Clean Outdoor is a powerful cleaning solution for removing tough oil stains left by vehicles and equipment. Its patent-pending formulation effectively removes oil stains on concrete and other surfaces, while patented beneficial microorganisms remove residual stains by degrading a wide variety of hydrocarbon compounds. Continued use prevents future soil buildup, maintaining surfaces that are truly deep-clean.

Effective, long-lasting cleaning
• Deep-cleans concrete and effectively removes oil stains
• Beneficial microorganisms help promote biodegradation of residual hydrocarbons long after cleaning is complete
• Same performance as caustic and solvent-based cleaners

Advanced cleaning technology
• Patent-pending formulation technology and patented microbial technology for optimal and long-lasting performance

Sustainable cleaning
Adding beneficial microorganisms found in nature to your cleaning solutions enables you to offer innovative biodegradable cleaning products that reduce the environmental impact of cleaning.

• Certified within the NSF Nonfoods Compounds Registration Program