Deep Clean™ Multi Spore – A biological ingredient for enhanced cleaning performance

A unique biological ingredient for enhanced cleaning solution performance.

Deep Clean™ Multi Spore enhances the cleaning power of floor cleaning products. Its patented beneficial microorganisms penetrate deep into the pores to degrade a wide range of embedded residual organic soils that conventional floor cleaners often leave behind. These natural eco-friendly microorganisms break down even the most resistant grease, maintaining a floor that is truly deep-clean and odor free.

Effective, long-lasting cleaning and odor control
• Enhances long-lasting cleaning effects by degrading residual organics long after cleaning is complete
• Helps provide in-depth odor control by breaking down odor-causing molecules and organics

Advanced microbial technology
• Patented microbial technology for powerful, long-lasting cleaning performance

Sustainable cleaning
Adding beneficial microorganisms found in nature to your cleaning solutions enables you to offer innovative biodegradable cleaning products that reduce the environmental impact of cleaning.

Easy to formulate
• Highly concentrated
• Stable and consistent microorganism blend
• No additional preservatives needed