Third-party certified, environmentally preferred formulations

Novozymes Cleaning Solutions offers a number of third-party certified solutions, helping pave the way for a greener environment.

A sustainability culture
These days, “green” marketing claims are a dime a dozen. More than 60 years before words like “sustainability” or “green products” started to catch on, Novozymes was delivering bio-solutions that provided our customers with stronger products, consumers with better products, and countries with less pollution. For as long as long as we’ve been changing the world with our solutions, we’ve also been integrating sustainable practices into the way we work every day.

Our sustainable manufacturing practices:

• Water usage – Since 2009, Novozymes Biologicals in Salem has improved water use efficiency by 19%, when compared to $ sales.
• Energy savings – In 2011, Novozymes Biologicals in Salem achieved energy savings of 26%. A lighting project produced savings of 495,000 kWH ($54,450/year). That same year, a boiler project generated 108,000 M3 ($43,000) in savings.
 Waste reduction – In 2011, waste disposal at Novozymes Biologicals in Salem was reduced by 51%. This was achieved through product and inventory rationalization, a marked improvement in our forecast accuracy, reworking off spec materials (resulting in less waste), and limiting scrapping.
• Carbon footprint – 26% energy savings in 2011 helped reduce NZB’s carbon footprint by 2,900 tons of CO2 emissions.
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• Strengthen your brand and increase your sustainability profile
• Differentiate your products to increase your market share in current and new market space
• Own new brand claims based on third-party certifications
• Get on the fast-track to a certified, environmentally-preferred cleaning product line
• Benefit from transparent, science-based proof of environmental compliance