Manual dishwashing

Enzyme-powered manual dishwashing detergents can help consumers wash faster, more effectively and with less impact on the environment.

Today’s busy consumer wants to get household chores done quickly and efficiently. Both people with and without a dishwasher do dishes manually – often soaking and scrubbing pots, pans, and other items and adding manual dishwashing detergent to the soak.

Reduces the need for soaking and scrubbing by 50%
Novozymes’ powerful enzymatic solutions have been documented to reduce both the required soaking time and the need for scrubbing by a full 50%, compared to traditional non-enzymatic detergents. Plus, they enable more environmentally friendly detergents with no need for phosphates, surfactants or sodium.

• Powerful cleaning effect – even at low enzyme concentrations
• Cuts soaking time in half
• Cuts scrubbing effort in half
• Tough on soils, mild on skin
• Biodegradable detergent
• Wash at low temperatures (Verify)

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