Color and fabric care

By replacing chemicals with Novozymes enzyme solutions, laundry detergent producers can deliver products that keep colors bright and fabrics like new, even in cold water.

Many clothes are discarded because they no longer look nice, with faded colors or unwanted fuzz and pills. Replacing chemical agents with enzymes to produce biological washing powders can enable a detergent to improve the appearance of fabrics and prolong their lifetime.

Promise and deliver better colors and longer lasting fabrics
Detergent containing enzymes enables detergent manufacturers to make bold color and fabric care claims and to produce detergents that reduce the visible wear of fabrics, keeping garments looking new.

Eco-friendly alternative to traditional laundry soap
Enzymatic laundry detergents also help protect the environment, thanks to the  bio-degradability of enzymes and their enhanced ability to clean clothes in cold water.

Detergent containing enzymes:
• Keeps cotton fabrics looking new by cleaving protruding fibers and keeping surfaces smooth and colors bright
• Makes older clothes look new by removing fuzz and pills from worn cotton fibers
• Makes laundry detergent more sustainable

For more insight into the Novozymes Household Care product portfolio and alternatives to traditional laundry detergents, please visit our Customer Center.