Stain removal

Stain-removing enzymes effectively remove difficult and stubborn stains to make clothes cleaner than ever.

If stains are not removed from clothes promptly and effectively, the residue can act as a kind of glue that attracts soil particles in wash water. This often results in fabric graying and dirty clothes.

Deep cleaning with enzyme-powered laundry soap
Laundry detergent enzymes from Novozymes are designed to penetrate fabric layers and remove a variety of stains. Once in the fabric, they degrade stains into smaller, more water-soluble parts that can be removed more easily during washing.

Five main laundry detergent enzymes
Novozymes produces five main stain removal enzymes, (verify) including:
• Protease for protein stain removal
• Amylase for starch stain removal
• Lipase for grease removal
• Mannanase for mannan-based stain removal
• Pectin-degrading enzyme for fruit-based stain removal

Eco-friendly alternative to traditional washing powder
Enzymatic laundry detergents also help protect the environment thanks to the biodegradability of enzymes and their enhanced ability to clean clothes in cold water.

• Enhance wash performance of detergents by effectively breaking down specific stain components
• Remove common stubborn stains such as meat, pasta, milk, chocolate, grass, lipstick, blood and sweat, to name just a few
• Make laundry detergent more sustainable

For more insight into the Novozymes Household Care product portfolio and alternatives to traditional stain removal, please visit our Customer Center.