Enzymatic whiteness is a revolutionary solution for laundry detergents that whitens clothes by preventing soil re-deposition and fabric graying.

Washing and wearing clothes damages cotton fibers, resulting in areas with bristly cellulose microfibrils. During washing, these microfibrils trap dirt particles that prevent whites from staying white.

The limits of traditional bleaching agents
Bleaching agents like TAED, perborate, NBS and PAP have traditionally been used to make clothes look whiter. However, bleaching agents cannot prevent soil deposition or mask particulate soiling on fabrics from, for example, traffic dirt or clay from outdoor activities.

Taking whiteness one step further
Enzymatic solutions take whiteness one step further than bleaching agents, as they cover up and remove soilings. They cleave damaged microfibrils and release any captured dirt particles. The result is a higher degree of whiteness and less graying than with laundry powders that contain bleach.

Eco-friendly alternative to conventional detergents
Enzymatic laundry detergents also help protect the environment thanks to the biodegradability of enzymes and their enhanced ability to clean clothes in cold water.

• Keeps whites white and clothes looking like new
• Avoids fabric graying by preventing soil deposition on clothes
• Makes laundry detergent more sustainable

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