Are you maximizing your consumer engagement and brand building opportunities?

Today’s successful brands are telling their story in a way that makes consumers want to connect with them. Often, that connection revolves around a meaningful brand purpose. How can you tell your brand story in an even more purposeful and engaging way?

Join us at the Novozymes-chaired session on consumer engagement at the Sustainable Brands 2016 conference in Copenhagen and find out.

About SB’16 Copenhagen
SB’16 Copenhagen will bring together nearly 500 branding, business and sustainability professionals from across the globe to learn and share how to leverage sustainability, drive innovation and create value for their organizations. Read more about the event

A dynamic breakout session
As the main sponsor of SB’16 Copenhagen, we’re co-creating a new kind of “breakout session” – fast-paced, story-focused and collaborative. You’ll be joining participants and speakers from brands across the fashion and apparel value chain – including home care professionals – as well as representatives from NGOs, academia and science.

Learn and share
Using a concise, fast-paced presentation style, the session will be a unique opportunity to learn and share – whatever your connection to sustainability is, and whatever fires your interest. You’ll have the chance to play a part in moving the thinking on branding and sustainability forward. And when you leave, you’ll take away valuable insights and inspiration.

Compelling, expert presenters
We’ve invited brand entrepreneurs, brand communicators, digital communicators and sustainability specialists to share their stories with us. And the selected stories are truly amazing – from leasing models in fashion retail to the power of magic-realism to explain the science of sustainability to any consumer.

Attendance is limited, so please reserve your spot at the breakout session no later than Sept. 13.

Reserve a spot!

(Note that you also need to register for the SB’16 conference itself

Venue: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel
When: Tues., Sept. 27, 2-3.30 p.m.
Breakout session: Strengthening the “Connecting Thread”: Engaging Consumers with Purposeful Brands in the Fashion and Apparel Value Chain

Hope to see you there!