Biopreparation – Soaking, liming, and bating

Leathermaking can be a sustainable business. Enzymes can save time and chemicals to help give the right touch of sustainability in preparing leathers for the next steps.

The first steps of soaking, liming, and bating are crucial to the quality of the final leathers. With Novozymes’ enzymatic solutions for preparing hides and skins in the tannery, impurities, hair, and non-collagen proteins are efficiently removed and the leathers are prepared for the cardinal degreasing step.


World use of salted bovine hides for leathermaking constitutes 7 million tons per year – and it is a high-consumption manufacturing process. Enzymes prepare leather in a natural way. In fact, using enzymes in biopreparation can potentially save 8 million GJ of energy and 0.7 million tons of CO2 per year. That corresponds to the total annual load of 75,000 people or 170,000 average cars.


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