Whether ovine or bovine leathers, enzymes achieve a high level of fat removal in leathers and are the sustainable alternative to chemical degreasing.

Fat removal poses a major challenge for leather manufacturers. Novozymes’ enzymatic degreasing solutions for ovine and bovine leathers provide a biological alternative for achieving a high level of fat degradation without damaging the natural structure of the skin.
Used in degreasing, enzymes can save processing time and energy as well as eliminating traditional polluting methods. Replacing chemicals with biodegradable enzymes reduces dependency on price-fluctuating petrochemical technology and gives a stable foundation for costs. And all with a sustainable touch: The fewer chemicals, the less toxic waste goes into effluent.
For sheepskin and wool-on/double-face, enzymes substitute chemicals and work so efficiently that the fat content is consistently at 5% or less.
Degreasing enzymes are safe and easy to use. Novozymes provides the support to help with the optimal formulation and application of degreasing enzymes.