rTrypsin for cell culture

Unlike native trypsin, Novozymes rTrypsin for cell culture is animal origin-free. Trypsin is used in tissue dissociation, cell harvesting, subculturing and other processes.

Various biotechnological processes such as tissue dissociation, cell harvesting and subculturing cells involve the use of trypsin (EC, an endopeptidase that preferentially hydrolyses ester bonds whose carboxyl groups are contributed by Lysine (Lys) or Arginine (Arg) except when either is followed by Proline (Pro).
Although native trypsin from bovine or porcine pancreas has been available for many years, more stringent regulations are now in place to ensure safer biologicals and biopharmaceuticals. Novozymes  rTrypsin is a recombinant product manufactured by microbial fermentation. rTrypsin is animal origin-free and manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Applications for rTrypsin

  • Cell dissociation and propagation of multiple cell lines including stem cells
  • Vaccine production and processing
  • Dissociation of dissected cells prior to cell fixing and sorting
  • Cleavage of proinsulin to yield intact insulin

Benefits of rTrypsin

  • Recombinant manufacturing process eliminates risk of animal enzyme contaminants
  • Animal origin-free manufacturing process eliminates risk of viral and animal-related contaminants in the final product
  • Stability unaffected by Ca2+
  • Consistent supply 
SA181 (hESC) after five passages using rTrypsin. Fixated cells were stained with an antibody detecting Oct4, a typical marker used to detect undifferentiated cells

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