Novozymes rTrypsin is a recombinant product manufactured by microbial fermentation. Unlike Trypsin, rTrypsin is animal origin-free.

Key applications of rTrypsin

  • Cell dissociation of cell lines including stem cells
  • Vaccine production and processing
  • Dissociation of dissected cells prior to cell fixing and sorting
  • Cleavage of proinsulin to yield intact insulin

Key benefits of rTrypsin

  • Produced by a recombinant manufacturing process
  • Not contaminated with chymotrypsin or carboxypeptidases
  • Animal origin-free manufacturing process eliminates the viral and animal-related contaminants
  • Allows simple replacement of bovine or porcine trypsin
  • Stability is not affected by Ca2+
  • Easy and convenient storage and routine handling
  • Consistent supply

Key characteristics of rTrypsin:

Product name
EC number
Application and substrates Unit activity and optimal conditions
Hydrolysis of amide and ester bonds of lysine and arginine at carboxyl terminal 2.4 USP/mg
pH 7.8-8.0
Temp 30-65°C
USP = Trypsin activity unit using USP Crystallized Trypsin Reference Standard. The activity is determined relative to a protease A standard.