Slime control

Slime from microorganisms is a huge problem in paper and board manufacture. Fortunately, enzymes can be the problem solver.

enzymes Slime from microorganisms
Water is obviously one of the most important components in the papermaking process. Up to 99% of the feedstock at paper machines or headboxes is made up of water. Due to the favorable conditions of the water in these machines, microorganisms tend to thrive and cause numerous problems for the paper or board manufacturer, including bad odors, slime throughout the machine, holes in the final product, and, of course, machine down time caused by slime-related breaks.
Novozymes’ enzymatic solutions for slime control degrade the protein within the structural network of slime formed by microorganisms during and after surface colonization. By controlling or reducing the microorganism’s ability to form thick slime, enzymes effectively solve or control the slime issue in the pulp and papermaking process.