Quality enhancement for a competitive egde

Consumers around the world are increasingly enjoying better lifestyles and demand better quality garments.

More retailers are picking up on this trend and only source textiles and garments that meet these requirements. Biopolishing is a significant method to enhance quality and mills and laundries can help shape their future by mastering this treatment.

Biopolishing means adding cellulase enzymes to remove the protruding fibers and dead cotton from cotton knits and blended cotton knits. Protruding fibers and dead cotton are common on most cotton knits and they make the surface look fuzzy and colors unsharp. The fuzz will turn into pills once washed and worn. A biopolished fabric stays smooth and clean for longer and colors remain fresh and clear. Consumers will be able to see the difference at the store and after many washes at home.

Biopolishing can be applied on both fabrics and garments, and Novozymes offers a broad portfolio:

Save 90 minutes and 2 baths with CombiPolish®
CombiPolish® is biopolishing and bleach clean-up of pre-bleached fabrics directly in the dye bath. This patented and award winning (hear why) formulation is a blend of two efficient enzymes (catalases and cellulases) that work in perfect synergy. These particular enzymes work under neutral pH, which makes it possible to perform the biopolishing and bleach clean-up in the dye bath, rather than in a separate bath. This saves water, time and energy. Watch how Marks & Spencer have adapted this enzyme technology in their quest to develop hard-wearing and long-lasting school uniforms.

Save 1 bath with neutral biopolishing
Most of Novozymes’ biopolishing solutions work at neutral pH. This condition has specifically been fostered to enable biopolishing directly in the dye bath. The products in this category are very suitable for treating fabrics that have not been pre-bleached and therefore don’t need bleach clean-up. Biopolishing in dyeing saves one processing step which means saved water and energy compared to conventional biopolishing under acidic conditions. The ph neutral range includes a product that works a low temperature for even further energy savings.

Acid biopolishing
For a complete biopolishing product range, Novozymes also offers quick-acting acid biopolishing to be carried out in a separate step.

Consumers know what they want – get a competitive edge through quality
Novozymes has asked 310 consumers what they define as good quality and what they look for when the shop for clothes. The answer is quite clear! Watch the full consumer study here.


Novozymes' Consumer Study: Effect of Biopolishing on Cotton Knits


Capacity cost savings

Many of Novozymes’ enzymes enable mills reduce processing time and cut down on water, energy and chemicals. Apart from the direct savings in consumption, the reduction in processing time means increased production capacity. Watch how this Turkish mill is using the Combi process to free up capacity for more orders:


Novozymes' combined process for the textile industry


Life cycle assessment of extending the lifetime of a t-shirt

Tones of clothes end up in landfills and are only used a few times before discarded because of poor quality of fading colors and a pilling surface. Biopolishing postpones the time for when consumers find their garments ready for disposal. Read what the environmental impact of extending the lifetime of garments by 20%.

Want to know how to enhance quality?
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